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Saturn Square Neptune - Protesting Lockdowns

Sydney policeThe world has been experiencing a Saturn Square Uranus aspect all this year and it will continue through 2022. This aspect is exemplified by the thousands of rioters in cities such as New York, Paris, Athens, and Sydney (mostly unreported in the U.S.)  The picture above is of the Sydney protests where the police are shown with black uniforms on black horses, the color of Saturn.

The rioters represent Uranus.  Uranus was discovered about the same time as the French and American revolutions which gives us an important insight into the energy of Uranus. These protestors are concerned that the draconian measures to lock people up will create a loss of jobs, businesses, and homes.  Also, generations of children are growing up without proper education. The rioters point out that there have always been deaths of older people because of the flu, so what is so different now. The authorities’ response is that this is worse than the flu and millions may die, not only the elders. Because it’s a square aspect, there can be no resolution of this conflict.

Look at your birth chart.  Do you have any squares which are two planets 90 degrees apart?  This represents a complex in your psyche that can’t be easily resolved. Jung described a complex as “a node in the unconscious; it may be imagined as a knot of unconscious feelings and beliefs, detectable indirectly, through behavior that is puzzling or hard to account for.” You have lived with this pressure most of your life.  The most difficult squares are the ones in which an outer planet (Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, or Pluto) squares an inner planet (Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, or Mars).  In my practice, I have noticed that the best we can hope for is that this tension will be resolved when we get older. Then because of wrestling with these incompatible energies most of our life, we are forced to grow and mature.  We rise above the problem and what is left in its place is wisdom (hopefully).

So whether in world events or our personal lives, we can see that squares are usually very difficult aspects and that only through time does the meaning of the tension become clear. Regarding the riots, maybe the best we can hope for is that each side in this conflict will learn something from it.

Janet Kane

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