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Prince Harry, the Royal Family and Pluto in Aquarius

Prince Harry1The pleasure of knowing astrology is to watch outer events mirror the planetary patterns in the sky.  One such event is Prince Harry railing against the British royal family. He has criticized them on Netflix and has written a memoir entitled Spare as well as the many disparaging media interviews. The planetary pattern is the upcoming Pluto transiting Aquarius.

It may be that Prince Harry is carrying the energy of Pluto in Aquarius.  The gods choose a person to play a role on the world stage.  The person may not be aware of it and may or may not be ready to play the role, or even be qualified -- but they are chosen.


Prince Harry’s Birth Chart and Transits

We can see how Prince Harry is playing out this role by examining his birth chart.  It shows a Capricorn ascendant, the Sun in Virgo, and the Moon in Taurus--a triple earth person.  Earth types usually don’t like to make waves.  But, in addition to his earthiness, there is a revolutionary archetype buried down deep in his psyche that you don’t see at first glance, and that is Uranus in aspect to two personal planets. . He has Mercury square Uranus, which means he can create disruptive changes with his written or spoken words.  He also has Uranus conjunct Mars, which compels him to break through barriers with potentially explosive anger.  So, because of his triple earth signs and his hidden Uranus aspects what you see is not what you get with Prince Harry. 

People who knew him previously have had a problem understanding what he has become. I have learned from my many years working with clients that most of us repress the Uranus aspects in our charts because we want to conform.  But sooner or later, if we have challenging aspects to Uranus in our birth chart, or when transiting Uranus hits a sensitive point in our birth chart, we can become rebellious, erratic, willful, and ornery.  But, the positive side of Uranus’ natal aspects and transits are that Uranus can help us to become a unique individual self.

Looking at Prince Harry’s chart, we see that Uranus is now transiting his 4th house of the family and ancestors, and is also conjunct with his Moon, which rules the 4th house. This is a double whammy for rebellious Uranus to the family and his origins.


A Myth and Fairy Tale for Uranus and Aquarius

The myth of Prometheus provides the storyline for Aquarians and those with major Uranus aspects.  He was one of the gods that lived on Olympus with his family. Prometheus rebelled against the gods and stole the fire to bring to mankind. The fire represents knowledge. The gods didn’t believe that humanity should have this knowledge, because they didn’t want mankind to be on the same level as they were. Because of that theft, the family locked him out.  

What I love most about Uranus and Aquarius types is the impulse to tell the truth, whether or not anyone wants to hear it. In Hans Christian Anderson’s fairy tale the Emperor’s New Clothes two swindlers posing as weavers play on the emperor's vanity by saying that they are making him a suit that is only visible to people who are clever and competent. Once the people heard that, they all pretended to admire his clothes.  A pauper came along and said, “The Emperor has no clothes on”.  And everyone awakened and stopped pretending.  That is the role of Aquarius/Uranus, to wake people up.  Maybe this is Prince Harry’s role to reveal what is behind the world’s infatuation with the monarchy. See the following paragraph from a recent article in the British newspaper, the Guardian.

“The monarchy relies on fiction. It is a constructed reality, in which grown-up people are asked to collude in the notion that a human is more than a human – that he or she contains something approaching the ineffable essence of Britishness. Once, this fiction rested on political and military power, supported by a direct line, it was supposed, to God. Nowadays it relies on the much frailer foundations of habit, the mysteries of Britain’s unwritten constitution, and spectacle: a kind of symbolism without the symbolised. Ceremonials such as the late queen’s funeral are not merely decorative; they are the institution’s means of securing its continuance. The monarchy is theatre, the monarchy is storytelling, and the monarchy is illusion.” Charlotte Higgins of the Guardian


Pluto in Aquarius

Pluto represents death, rebirth, destruction, regeneration, and radical transformation.  Aquarius rules revolution, rebellion and independence.  Aquarius is also the sign of the people; it is opposite Leo, the sign of the king--making Aquarius the anti-king sign. Even though Pluto doesn’t go into Aquarius until March 23, 2023, we started to sense this energy back in January 2021.

To understand a transit such as Pluto in Aquarius, it’s helpful to look back at the last time we experienced it to understand what this transit could manifest.  The last time that Pluto was in Aquarius was 1778 until 1798.  The French revolution started in 1789 and ended in 1799. Its motto was “liberty, equality, fraternity”, and that phrase perfectly explains the urge of Aquarius. The beginnings of the American Revolution took place in 1765 and culminated in 1791. Both revolutions had the purpose of getting rid of the monarchy.


Future of the British Monarchy

It’s interesting to watch the news to see if there are changes coming in the power of the British monarchy.  One of the news items that I noticed was that in Australia the nation’s central bank has stated that its new $5 bill would feature an indigenous design rather than an image of King Charles III.

When Pluto enters Aquarius on March 23, 2023, he will retrograde back to Capricorn from 6/11/2023 to 1/21/2024.  Pluto will again be in Aquarius from 1/21/2024 to 9/2/2024 when he retrogrades back into Capricorn until 11/19/2024. He finally moves into Aquarius from 11/19/2024 until January 20, 2044. So, Pluto will have a long range of time with the help of Prince Harry to transform the British Monarchy.


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