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March 2022 Forecast

Crocus (1)I consider the first day of Spring in Maryland to occur when the crocuses first stick their head above ground. They are here!

The USA Pluto Return.- Pluto has traveled all the way around the Sun and is back to where it was on the birth chart of the United States (July 4, 1776). It’s called a Pluto return and only occurs every 246 to 248 years.  Pluto rules decay and destruction.  The exact conjunct was on February 20th, 2022, and will be exact again on July 11th, 2022, and December 28th, 2022.  Pluto moves very slowly and Pluto’s death and rebirth process takes time. When my clients are having an important transit that aspects their chart 3 times or more, I advise them to pay attention to the first pass of the transit because the events on the first pass will be similar or show an advance on the following passes. Also, I look at the house where the transit is happening to determine what area of life the transit will be affecting.

The Pluto return is happening in the United States’ second house of money and resources. So I think this aspect will affect that area of our chart. I have noticed that we have experienced a major wealth transfer to the rich since Pluto went into orb in 2008.  That was the year of the housing crisis. In the last few years, I have witnessed big pharma making 19 billion dollars and 1% of people having their wealth double while 99% percent of the people had their income drop drastically.   A lot of middle and small businesses were closed down while Amazon had a record two years.

So I was all set to send this newsletter out and then Putin decides to go into Ukraine. Is this part of our Pluto Return?  Pluto is about power struggles. The US is also experiencing a Neptune opposite Neptune cycle, which happens every 187 years. An opposition shows conflict.  Neptune rules oil and gas and of course, they are important resources of the United States.  Looking at Biden and Pluto’s chart, they both have four planets including the Sun in the 12th house of secrets and whatever is hidden from view. It’s fairly rare to have 4 planets in the 12th and rarer still to have two world leaders with the same profile, it’s amazing.  Neither of them will reveal themselves to anyone. 

Let me look at the transits in March in relation to the Ukraine/Russian conflict.  The New Moon on the 2nd is in a conjunction with Jupiter.  You may think this is a good thing, but Jupiter does have a shadow side. He escalates things and he can go out of bounds.   Also, on the 2nd we have Mars conjunct Pluto.  It could indicate a massive deadly war.  But Mars leaves this aspect by Friday.  Looking at this, I think the worst of this conflict will happen this week.  We also have Mars and Venus opposing Uranus in mid-March and Mars and Venus conjunct Saturn at the end of March. So this conflict could de-escalate after Friday, March 4, but ramifications could linger through the month.

Putin’s birth chart shows that he is having the progressed Sun trining Pluto on the midheaven of his destiny. He feels he can’t fail.  But transiting Saturn is opposing his MC.  Saturn loves to see someone fall on their face.  Could  Happen.  Putin’s Pluto is on Zelensky’s Moon.  Putin sees him as weak, but he’s not.  Having the Sun in Aquarius and Gemini rising, Zelensky is playing the role of the reluctant hero, but Leo moon people are tough.  In a conflict, I always like to compare Moon signs because it shows our inner strength or weakness. Putin’s Moon is in Gemini. His Inner self is weak, but the Moon had just entered Gemini when he was born. If we have the wrong birth time, it could be in Taurus, the strongest, most stubborn Moon there is.


Dates to Watch:

Note to my Astrology Clients. Use your Planetary Placement and Ascendant Sheet to find if the following transits will have a major impact on you.

Mar 2 – New Moon at 12 Pisces conjunct Jupiter.  Jupiter is expansive and sometimes flies too close to the Sun and falls to earth.  But in his positive aspect, Jupiter is the planet of gifts, luck, hope, optimism, and generosity.  The New Moon signals a new start.  Let’s all have faith in a happy future. This will be especially powerful for those of you with planets between 9 and 15 degrees of mutable signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces).  Look at the house in your birth chart that contains 12 Pisces, this is the area of life that will experience a new start.  See the Meaning of the houses here.

          Mercury conjunct Saturn at 18 degrees of Aquarius.  You need to pay attention to the details on this one.  Have you worked on your taxes yet?  Do them today. This aspect is especially potent for those of you with personal planets (Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, and Mars) or the ascendant at 16 to 20 degrees of Aquarius.

Mar 3 – Mars Conjunct Pluto at 27 Degrees of Capricorn.  An unstoppable force (Mars) meets an immovable object (Pluto). Do I have any solutions or workarounds?  No.  The psychopaths are out to play with you today-- hide. You are especially vulnerable if you have personal planets or the ascendant at 25 to 29 degrees of Capricorn or Cancer.

          Venus Conjunct Pluto at 27 degrees of Capricorn.  If you are an innocent Persephone type (Sagittarius or Pisces), you could be abducted by a dark-haired, Scorpio.  Also, watch out for someone with many planets in aspect to Pluto in their natal chart.   Be careful, especially if you have personal planets or the ascendant at 25 to 29 degrees of Capricorn.

(Venus conjunct Mars, Conjunct Pluto is a triple conjunction. The old-time astrologers wrote that this is about passionate love, sex, and procreation.   Be careful out there.)

Mar 5 – Sun Conjunct Jupiter at 14 Pisces. The Sun shines a light on hopeful Jupiter in hopeful Pisces.  Being a child of Saturn, I can’t take this much good news.   If you feel you have been in a rut and haven’t we all, this aspect could give you the lift you need especially if you have 12 to 16 degrees of Pisces or Virgo.

Mar 6 – Venus Conjunct Mars at 29 Capricorn.  Venus and Mars will be conjunct each other starting early last month until early April.   Mars puts a lot of energy and initiative into relationships and creative projects.

After the conjunction, Mars and Venus will enter Aquarius.  What a relief. Aquarius is a lot more fun than Capricorn. (Sorry Caps).

          Mars enters Aquarius until April 14.  Mars was much more powerful in Capricorn.  But Mars the god of war is not always great when he is powerful.  Now the energy goes into community living, science, high tech, and inventions.

Venus enters Aquarius until April 5. Venus can remain cool and distant in Aquarius.  In this sign, she loves to play the field.  She is also very rebellious and she can decide to get into a relationship that shocks the ‘normies.’  I know it's fun to be shocking.

Mar 9 – Mercury in Pisces until March 27.  Your thinking can get a little fuzzy now. But it’s a great time to daydream and read fantasy novels.  Take it easy, you work too hard most of the time.

Mar 13 – Daylight Savings time begins at 2 AM.

Sun Conjunct Neptune at 20 Pisces.  Someone could be pulling a fast one; is it someone you know or one of our tricky politicians.   Be alert today, don’t lend or borrow money.  Don’t believe everything you hear and most importantly, don’t believe what you think. Be aware of what is going on around you especially if you have personal planets or the ascendant at 18 to 22 Pisces or Virgo.

Mar 18 – Full Moon at 27 Virgo/Pisces.  This is a culmination or fulfillment of what was started on the New Moon of March 2.  Virgo is about how we deal with our day-to-day life, while Pisces is how we deal with our spiritual lives. The Full Moon is asking us to find a balance between the two.  This Full Moon is in a trine aspect to Pluto which will help us make a healthy transformation in the houses containing 27 Pisces and Virgo.  This FM will affect people with personal planets or the ascendant at 24 to 20 degrees of Pisces or Virgo.

Mar 19 – Venus Square Uranus at 15 degrees of Aquarius and Taurus.  Don’t give or ask for advice.  You and those around you are quite cranky today.  You can get your back up, refuse to compromise, and take advice.  I do astrology charts of families and the Uranus families are the most interesting.  In these families, everyone tells everyone else what to do and no one is listening.

Mar 20 – Sun enters Aries until April 19.  The Sun is the planet of vitality and power and it is entering the sign of its exaltation.  We feel great and it helps that it is the first day of spring.

Mar 21 – Mercury Conjunct Jupiter at 18 degrees of Pisces. You could get some good news today; maybe something about an opportunity for a trip.  Jupiter is also positive for advertising and publishing.  So send out your marketing materials today.  A very positive day if you have personal planets or the ascendant at 16 to 20 degrees of Pisces or Virgo.

Mar 22 – Mars Square Uranus at 12 degrees of Aquarius and Taurus. Stay out of crowds. People can get crazy on this one. Remain silent about your personal plans.  Be careful, this is can cause accidents if you have personal planets or the ascendant at 10 to 14 degrees of Aquarius or Taurus.

Mar 23 – Mercury Conjunct Neptune at 23 degrees of Pisces. Slow down, you can’t keep up the pace.  I know you have been running around trying to see everyone you missed during Covid and to get a lot accomplished, but this is a relaxing aspect.  Stay home and read the news, some scandals could erupt today about a famous person and you know how you love to read about other people’s problems.  If you have personal planets or the ascendant at 21 to 25 degrees of Pisces or Virgo your thinking can be foggy, clouded, and unrealistic.

Mar 27 – Mercury enters Aries until April 10. No one has filters at this time, including you.  Your remarks could be cutting, Aries is the fighter and here you are fighting with your tongue. Be ready to say you’re sorry for what you said.

Mar 28 – Venus Conjunct Saturn at 21 Aquarius. Your relationships could cool down now.  You are more sober and considerate of others. This could mean making a commitment to a relationship.  Saturn likes to settle down, but be careful because Saturn loves snuggling down into a rut and will stay there a lifetime.  If you have personal planets or the ascendant at 19 to 23 degrees of Aquarius or Leo, be careful what you commit to today.



JUPITER moved into Pisces on Dec 2, 2021, and he will stay in Pisces until May 10, 2022.  This month he will travel from 11 to 21 degrees of Pisces. Jupiter is the old traditional ruler of Pisces so he is happy here. Jupiter is about growth and expansion and rules travel and education. Also, the areas of your life ruled by the house in your natal chart that contains Pisces will be more joyful and good luck could come in around those areas. Jupiter in Pisces is about our spiritual life and about the fine arts, theater, and poetry.  Pisces is a very creative sign and Jupiter is going to expand it. If you have personal planets or the ascendant between 11 and 21 degrees of Pisces expect expansion and blossoming in that area of your chart.

SATURN is in Aquarius until March 2023.  He is moving from 18 to 21 degrees of Aquarius this month.  Saturn rules our material world, and especially our career. If you have felt stymied in that area, now is the time to move ahead.  But you need to make plans and put in the hard work. Saturn is the old traditional ruler of Aquarius.  So he is happy here.   If you have the ascendant or any personal planets 18 to 21 degrees of Aquarius, you may be in store for some hard lessons around the issues ruled by the planet and the house the planet is in or rules. While Saturn is in Aquarius, he will run around trying to restrict all of the social media that he will call fake news.  He hates to see freedom of expression which is what Aquarius is all about.

URANUS is in Taurus until Apr 2026.  This month he moves from 14 to 16 degrees of Taurus.   This is the time to break loose and make some radical changes in your life. I believe in ‘cooperating with the inevitable’.  If you have Uranus in a challenging aspect to your ascendant or personal planets, (14 to 16 degrees of Taurus or Scorpio) go on a long vacation, preferably to somewhere you have never been before.   Or make some major changes in your life. Taurus is the earth.  Expect earth events such as earthquakes volcanos or major weather events during the period that Uranus is in Taurus.

NEPTUNE (creativity, sensitivity, escapism, dreams) is in Pisces until 2026. This month he moves from at 22 to 23 degrees.  A lack of focus, a sense of drifting, or an inability to see a betrayal or disappointment until it's too late can be experienced by those of you with the ascendant or Personal Planets at 22 to 23 degrees of Pisces or Virgo. For the enlightened out there, Neptune can also bring artistic, musical, creative expression, increased dreams, and spiritual insights. Watch for some really inspired films to come out during the time Neptune is in Pisces. 

PLUTO is in Capricorn until 2023.  This month, Pluto moves from 27 to 28 degrees of Capricorn.  Profound changes will be felt especially by those with the ascendant or personal planets at 24 to 29 degrees of Capricorn or Cancer. What needs to die in order to be reborn?

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